Change the WordPress tagline

Change the WordPress tagline

WordPress is so wonderfully easy to use that you can start creating pages and posts right away. How quickly do you overlook supposed little things, such as changing the default WordPress tagline? Quite fast. So that you can get over the existence as “just another WordPress site”, the WordPress heroes will tell you how to make your website more professional and improve your SEO at the same time.

tagline? If you’re scratching your head now and you’ve never seen your website’s tagline, let’s change that now. You may be tricked by the theme you’re using, which doesn’t display the tagline on your page. Unfortunately, “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t work in the online world. As soon as Google scurries over your site and indexes it, the WordPress tagline (often also called subtitles) is also pulled – regardless of whether you’ve ever seen it or not. Anyone who has dealt with search engine optimization a bit suspects that the default description set by WordPress has nothing to do with SEO. It says “Just another WordPress site” and really doesn’t say anything about what you offer – on the contrary, it makes you look pretty unprofessional. Google and Co. also see it that way and may penalize you with a poorer ranking. Why? WordPress first uses your title or subtitle for the automatic creation of all meta titles, followed by the respective page or post title. If you were looking for a term, would you click on a search result with the words “Just another WordPress site”? Probably not, Google doesn’t like to see this user unfriendliness. A look at the No. 1 search engine shows how many websites have never changed their WordPress tagline and thus squander valuable ranking potential:

Change the WordPress tagline in no time

Actually strange that the adaptation of the WordPress tagline is so often forgotten, because hardly anything is done so quickly:

  1. Login to your backend
  2. In the left sidebar, click Settings
  3. The first two fields show the title and subtitle of the website
  4. Delete “Just another WordPress site” and insert the new subtitle. You can find out what it should look like in the next section.
  5. Save Changes. Complete.

WordPress tagline wanted: The ideal subtitle

Now you are sitting in front of the tagline field, you have deleted the old subtitles “Just another WordPress site” in a highly motivated manner and now – yes, now you have to think of a new WordPress tagline that is perfectly tailored to you. Of course, it should be creative and individual. But still relevant and descriptive, because: SEO, SEO, SEO. You could also think about usability. But what makes a good tagline? Here are three tips:

  1. A meta title is limited to 70 characters, from this you have to subtract the characters of your page title as well as the hyphen and the surrounding spaces, then you know how many characters you have left for your tagline: wordpress tagline_just another wordpress site_example meta title
    TITLE – TAGLINE = meta title
    In this example, “TITLE” has 5 characters, the hyphen with the spaces before and after 3, making a total of 8 characters. If you subtract this from the 70 characters available, you still have 62 characters available for your tagline.
  2. Find two to three keywords that best reflect your offer and on which you can optimize your site. As in the example above, this can of course also be regional information.
  3. Now combine these keywords into a short and concise formulation that summarizes the performance of your offer.

Now you can say goodbye to being just another WordPress site! You now have a more professional appearance, improved your ranking and increased the likelihood of enticing potential customers to click through to your page. The WordPress heroes will be happy to check your website for optimization options and prepare you a non-binding offer. Just contact us!

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