Buyer's Guide: Top 5 B-SUVs - compare Citroen C4, Nissan Juke, Opel Crossland, Toyota Yaris Cross, Suzuki Vitara

Buyer’s Guide: Top 5 B-SUVs – compare Citroen C4, Nissan Juke, Opel Crossland, Toyota Yaris Cross, Suzuki Vitara

While preparing an article on the Suzuki Vitara Hybrid, I thought about new products from competitors. And I realized that there are a lot of them! After all, the period from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022 gave us many compact crossovers (and not only), among which it is very difficult to single out and name the best. But can we try?


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Five cars to compare

As already noted, it all started with thoughts around the Suzuki Vitara Hybrid, and then I remembered another compact hybrid crossover – this is the Toyota Yaris Cross. And in addition to them, I remembered another Japanese car – the new Nissan Juke (by the way, we are also waiting for a hybrid in Ukraine).

And the Citroen C4 also joined this company: nominally, it is a front-wheel drive hatchback, but pay attention to its clearance and protective “belt” around the perimeters – almost a crossover! For example, the updated crossover Opel Crossland is made according to this recipe. So…

Citroen C4 – estimated price $ 21-27 thousand.



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Nissan Juke – estimated price $ 19-28 thousand.

Opel Crossland – estimated price $ 16-21 thousand.

Toyota Yaris Cross – estimated price $ 20-31 thousand.

Suzuki Vitara – estimated price $ 16-27 thousand.

In total – there were three cars of Japanese brands and two “Europeans”, three completely new models and two updates. And among the selected cars you can find: gasoline or diesel engines, hybrid versions, front or all-wheel drive. Great company to compare!

Prices are listed for all versions of cars – from the most affordable to the highest. Prices are approximate and are indicated in foreign currency due to possible strong exchange rate fluctuations, however, price targets are outlined. Cars are evaluated in several key nominations with points assigned from 1 to 5. In addition, a photo of the car that is the winner of this block will be shown and brief explanations will be given next to each item.

Complete set and price of the car

Choosing any of these cars, you will get: a lot of airbags, air conditioning or climate control, a branded radio or multimedia system, power windows, in the “older” versions there are LED headlights and alloy wheels.

And the Citroen C4 can offer a sunroof, adaptive cruise and lane control, heated all seats and a heated steering wheel; plus there is a choice of engines (gasoline / diesel for 100-155 hp) and gearboxes (manual / automatic transmission). A similar list of bonuses can be offered by the Suzuki Vitara crossover, adding more options with all-wheel drive, but without diesels.

The Toyota Yaris Cross is not far behind: there is a projection of data on the glass, and wireless charging, an air ionization system, and an economical hybrid version. But the Nissan Juke is deprived of a choice of motors, but it can offer “mechanics” or “automatic”, BOSE audio, all-round visibility.

Against the background of competitors, Opel Crossland clearly loses: only low-power gasoline engines (82-110 hp), a simple row control system, conventional instruments, only two configurations to choose from. But “thank you” for choosing a manual transmission or automatic transmission, the presence of a heated steering wheel and a 2-zone “climate”.


Citroen C4 – 5 (wide choice of engines and versions, custom options)

Toyota Yaris Cross – 4 (a lot of modern equipment, there is a choice of engines)

Nissan Juke – 3 (a lot of modern equipment, but only one engine)

Suzuki Vitara – 3 (good equipment, there is a choice of engines)

Opel Crossland – 2 (nothing special, although everything you need is there)

Buyer's Guide: Top 5 B-SUVs - compare Citroen C4, Nissan Juke, Opel Crossland, Toyota Yaris Cross, Suzuki Vitara

The Citroen C4 hatchback offers the widest choice of engines and trim levels, plus options can be added individually. As a result, each buyer can choose a car for his needs – and a wallet.

Interior space, interior transformation

I would name the best Citroen C4: a normal supply of space everywhere, nice design and finishing materials at the front, ventilation deflectors and rear heating, a well-thought-out trunk. One note – very tall drivers can be cramped overhead. For example, the Opel Crossland crossover is higher – but the interior width itself is smaller here, and even the rear doors are small.

The Suzuki Vitara crossover is a kind of “golden mean” for this class: plus or minus a sufficient supply of space everywhere, a normal trunk with a two-level floor. But the cars Nissan Juke and Toyota Yaris Cross do not give even that – the interiors are cramped, small trunks. Plus (more precisely, “minus”) the Toyota Yaris Cross was remembered for its “cheap” door cards.


Citroen C4 – 4 (enough space, nice finish, attention to detail)

Suzuki Vitara – 3 (medium space, good trunk)

Opel Crossland – 3 (medium space, good trunk)

Nissan Juke – 2 (good finish, but a bit cramped in the back)

Toyota Yaris Cross – 1 (small interior, sometimes too simple decoration)

Buyer's Guide: Top 5 B-SUVs - compare Citroen C4, Nissan Juke, Opel Crossland, Toyota Yaris Cross, Suzuki Vitara

The best inner world in terms of a combination of different qualities: spaciousness and interior trim, interesting design, attention to detail.

Driving behavior, comfort and handling

In this category, two cars are especially memorable – the Nissan Juke and the Citroen C4. The first one has an excellent suspension setup: a sort of “youthful” character, a desire to turn, and precise control. Under such a chassis, a more powerful motor is requested. The second gives phenomenal comfort, both for its class and price: very soft movement, barely noticeable dimensional swaying on bumps.

In the case of the Suzuki Vitara and Toyota Yaris Cross, the creators tried to guess with the suspension setup. And after all succeeded! Both cars are remembered, if not by pretentious handling or super-comfort, but by an understandable driving character and excellent energy-intensive suspension, which is not afraid of large irregularities – they drive as if they were cars a class higher.

Plus, the Suzuki Vitara crossover with a turbo engine provides good dynamics (it “drives out” well from 10 seconds while everyone is playing “about 11”). In turn, the Toyota Yaris Cross pleases with the logic and straightforwardness of traction from the hybrid – super! Against this background, the “German” Opel Crossland just rides: the usual dynamics, the suspension is soft and shaking at the same time, noticeable rolls.


Nissan Juke – 4 (successful suspension setup)

Citroen C4 – 4 (king of comfort)

Suzuki Vitara – 3 (energy intensity and “peppy” turbo engine are enviable)

Toyota Yaris Cross – 3 (enviable energy intensity and a pleasant hybrid)

Opel Crossland – 1 (just goes where they say, the keyword is “simple”)

Buyer's Guide: Top 5 B-SUVs - compare Citroen C4, Nissan Juke, Opel Crossland, Toyota Yaris Cross, Suzuki Vitara

Let there be two winning cars at once, but none of them will receive the maximum score. However, I will single out the Nissan Juke crossover: it would need to add a powerful engine to a good chassis – and there will be a mini-revelation in the class.

Fuel consumption, warranty, resale liquidity

Traditionally, this item belongs to Toyota – and I see no reason to change something. But I see a consumption of 4.5-5 liters in the city, a standard 3-year warranty and an extended 5-year warranty for the components of the hybrid system. And everyone already knows about the love of the secondary market for Toyota cars.

Unexpectedly, but Suzuki breathes down the back of the head: the Japanese brand, the traditional “automatic”, the presence of atmospheric engines and all-wheel drive in the range of the model, in principle, a good reputation in the secondary market. There would be something to say about the Nissan Juke, but it is let down by a modest 3-cylinder engine and a “robot-preselective”: it is still difficult to predict how this will affect the popularity of the car during resale.

For example, the Citroen C4 hatchback offers larger / more powerful engines, an economical turbodiesel, a traditional “automatic”, and service contracts to extend the warranty. The description is similar for the Opel Crossland, but still there are fewer pluses – which is reflected in the final scores.


Toyota Yaris Cross – 5 (fuel economy, 5 year hybrid warranty, liquidity)

Suzuki Vitara – 4 (Japanese brand, 4-cylinder engines, the usual “automatic”)

Nissan Juke – 3 (Japanese brand, but a small engine and “robot”)

Citroen C4 – 3 (turbodiesel, traditional “automatic”, extended warranty)

Opel Crossland – 2 (German brand, the presence of a traditional “automatic”)

Buyer's Guide: Top 5 B-SUVs - compare Citroen C4, Nissan Juke, Opel Crossland, Toyota Yaris Cross, Suzuki Vitara

The victory of Toyota cars in this standings is already almost a tradition. But, whatever one may say, a well-deserved victory.

Four-wheel drive, off-road capabilities

Of all five cars, only one can offer all-wheel drive: the Suzuki Vitara. The winner is determined, the rest have to compete only with the clearance and the format of the protruding bumpers.


Suzuki Vitara – 4 (four-wheel drive, ground clearance 185 mm, short overhangs)

Opel Crossland – 3 (clearance 178 mm, short overhangs)

Nissan Juke – 3 (clearance 172 mm, short overhangs)

Toyota Yaris Cross – 3 (clearance 170 mm, short overhangs)

Citroen C4 – 1 (clearance 156 mm, large overhangs and massive bumpers)

Buyer's Guide: Top 5 B-SUVs - compare Citroen C4, Nissan Juke, Opel Crossland, Toyota Yaris Cross, Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara’s victory is expected: the only car with all-wheel drive, the highest ground clearance. The maximum rating is not allowed to put a protruding muffler and gearbox, as well as the “lip” of the front bumper. But in general – off-road Suzuki “may”!

Results in points and afterword

We sum up the results in two offsets at once: “absolute” – the best result in points without taking into account the price, “best buy” – the ratio between the price and the number of points scored.

Absolute – the best result in terms of points:

Citroen C4 – 17 points

Suzuki Vitara – 17 points

Toyota Yaris Cross – 16 points

Nissan Juke – 15 points

Opel Crossland – 11 points

Bargain purchase – the ratio of price and points earned:

Suzuki Vitara – price $ 0.9-1.6 thousand for 1 point

Citroen C4 – price $ 1.2-1.6 thousand for 1 point

Nissan Juke – price $ 1.25-1.9 thousand for 1 point

Toyota Yaris Cross – price $ 1.25-1.95 thousand for 1 point

Opel Crossland – price $ 1.45-1.9 thousand for 1 point

The numbers tell the whole story: the top two cars in the top five are the Citroen C4 and the Suzuki Vitara. Moreover, if the Citroen C4 attracts with a wide choice of versions, the presence of an economical diesel engine, good equipment, a comfortable suspension, then the Suzuki Vitara confidently responds with all-wheel drive and a lower price: pay attention to the ratio of price and points scored.

Two Japanese cars – Nissan Juke and Toyota Yaris Cross – are on par: almost the same number of points, the minimum difference in the price of one point. In a word, worthy competitors for each other. The positions of the Nissan Juke crossover can be strengthened by the emergence of new powertrain options, and from the Toyota Yaris Cross I expect an improvement in interior trim and a slight price reduction.

By the way, about prices: the most affordable option in this collection was an elderly crossover Opel Crossland. Usually, such cars do not surprise against the background of competitors, but they turn out to be a bargain – but not this time. However, there are no special contraindications against him: just another car, just another “player” in this class.

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