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Book: WordPress Themes

Product description

Creating websites with WordPress 3 is not difficult – and there are many ready-made templates on the Internet for the visual design. But a good website needs its own, perfectly fitting and unmistakable design. In this book, professional web designers Jonas Hellwig and Christian Gatzen show how WordPress themes are structured, how they work and how you can design and program your own theme using the latest, future-proof web technologies.

Originally developed as weblog software, WordPress is no longer only used for blogs, but has blossomed into a full-fledged content management system. Therefore, the authors start with an overview of web design and provide indispensable basics for the visual design of a successful website.

The current WordPress version 3 offers designers a lot of new things: Navigation menus can be created and adjusted very easily without having to write a line of code. You can also upload and define background colors and graphics very easily and quickly via the backend. In addition, WordPress 3 offers the possibility of exchanging the header images practically with a mouse click. These new possibilities save every web designer a lot of time and work! Understand WordPress themes with practical examples and develop them yourself: WordPress themes are extremely flexible because they consist of several individual templates – so-called templates. The authors explain here what you need to consider when creating your own themes. Instead of boring theory, here we go straight into practice: Two detailed WordPress theme projects are implemented step by step from the first line of code to the fully functional WordPress theme. One project is also explained in HTML 5 and CSS 3 so that you are well prepared for the future of web design.

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