BMI - Applications - Login to WordPress-based websites with the online ID

BMI – Applications – Login to WordPress-based websites with the online ID

Name of the service provider: ecsec GmbH Area of ​​application: additional services Region: nationwide Provider: company

On websites, users often have to register in protected areas, which can be done, for example, with a username and password combination or with the online ID function. Registering with an online ID card is particularly secure and convenient because there is no need to remember countless passwords and user names.

For websites that are implemented with the content management system WordPress, the online ID function can be used with the help of the “eID login” plugin for WordPress to securely log in website visitors.

ecsec GmbH developed the plugin, which is available free of charge as open source code, on behalf of the Federal Office for Information Security.

The “eID Login” plugin can be installed like any other WordPress plugin. Only the identity provider has to be configured depending on the service used. By default, the SkIDentity service is used.

BSI and ecsec provide the SkIDentity service free of charge as part of the project. This allows website operators to use the online ID immediately and free of charge for strong authentication in WordPress.

You can get the “eID Login” plugin for WordPress here.

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