Best WordPress Themes for Podcasters in 2022

There are thousands of different WordPress themes and many different developers making them, but there are really only a few good theme makers out there.

In this post, we will focus on a subset of them and share the best WordPress themes for podcasting in 2022.

Remember that any theme can be used for podcasts since all you have to do is embed a player. However, the podcast-oriented themes are tailored to your needs and workflow.

They will host your audio files separately with your podcast hosting provider and they provide you with a way to embed your episodes on the right page. Note that some themes will integrate their own players for a more refined look.

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Your website is where you provide show notes, links, a place for people to subscribe to your email list, additional resources, bonuses, or anything else you want to offer your listeners.

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We’ll start with podcast WordPress themes, and then I’ll suggest some more excellent theme providers that you can use for your podcast website, blog, or anything else.

Podcast WordPress Themes

When choosing a podcast website template for WordPress, there are a few different things to look for:

  • An easy-to-use audio player
  • A fast, lightweight theme to give your visitor a great experience
  • Theme options so you can customize the look to match your branding
  • Regularly updated and accessible support
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design

The good news is that I know that this first recommendation (well, the first 5 themes) definitely ticks all of those boxes.

Second line topics

SecondLine Themes makes a range of different WordPress themes specifically for podcasters. They are definitely where I would start.

You can purchase a single theme or get access to all themes at a discounted bundle price.


The gumbo theme allows you to front and center your audio.

You have multiple player options, whether you need one in your header, in your show notes, or elsewhere.

With the Elementor Page Builder, it’s easy to set up and customize to your needs. SecondLine also includes additional add-ons to make it even easier for you.

Learn more about gumbo


Dixie Podcaster wordpress themed home page

Dixie looks great and makes it easy for your visitors to listen and share episodes.

You can use any podcast host and it’s up to you whether you want to use the included audio player or embed a third-party audio player.

There are a number of options for viewing your episodes including single column, multi column, with slider, infinite scroll bar and more!

Everything is easy to configure and customize with the built-in settings, or you can use Elementor to make it even easier.

Learn more about Dixie


Satchmo wordpress theme homepage

Satchmo is a clean WordPress theme for podcasters and bloggers.

You can use any of WordPress’ podcasting plugins to create a feed and embed your episodes – or you can embed them manually from your podcast host.

Learn more about Satchmo


Bolden podcast network wordpress themed homepage

Bolden is designed for a podcast network and those of you with multiple shows.

Your shows can be organized in a carousel or in a grid, they have multiple sorting options and a nice modern design.

Learn more about Bolden


Tusant Podcast WordPress Theme

Tusant is the latest WordPress theme for podcasters. I love the beautiful, clean and modern design with this new theme.

There are different layout options, carousels, sliders and more.

It supports Elementor, a page builder plugin, and is easy to customize and configure to suit your needs.

Learn more about Tusant


podcaster wordpress theme

Podcaster is a theme with a ton of options.

It supports the Blubrry PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting plugins, has a clean parallax scrolling effect for header images, lets people hear the latest episode right on your homepage, and more.

More details and examples can be found here.

More WordPress themes

These themes are specifically designed for podcasting, but they can and will work well.


Studio Press logo

I’ve been using StudioPress themes on all my sites for a while. Even this website uses one of their themes.

They have a lot of different designs and their documentation is very detailed.

Also, everything is based on a single framework that’s regularly updated, so you can be sure it’s fast, secure, SEO-friendly, and easy to use.

Explore TopicsStudioPress

generate press

Generate press logo

GeneratePress is highly recommended for its flexibility and speed.

There is a free version and a premium version with a bunch of extra features for only $49.95.

One of my favorites is the importable demo content, so you quickly get a website template that’s easy to update with your content – then you’re good to go!

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