Best Free WordPress Themes 2022

What is a WordPress theme?

The WordPress theme is the basic layout or design of your website. The theme consists of different programming languages ​​like CSS, HTML, PHP. Why are there these themes? Because a lot of things are the same across websites: fonts, dimensions, and spacing. Usually the menu is the same on websites or the footer – the entire basic structure.

To avoid having to reprogram these components over and over again, a basic grid is programmed. This is the theme of the page, all other content (the complete website) is inserted here. There are different templates for individual subpages. Anything you add to the pages as content is inserted into the existing template. Every post on your website looks the same, every subpage corresponds to the start page.

Themes are programmed by developers. In principle, anyone can develop a theme and upload it to WordPress. So there is a huge selection. Free themes are often provided by companies. In addition to the free “Light” version, there is a paid Pro version. The free themes are ideal for beginners because the website can be set up quickly.

How do you find the right theme?

When you choose a theme, the basic layout needs to match your website. Make a sketch of your website (old school). Which subpages do you need (Site Map)? How should the website be structured (wireframe)? Maybe you need a four-column footer? Should the logo be in the middle above the menu?

Once you have determined all the important points for your website, you look for a theme with exactly these functions.

How do you decide if the theme is good or not? Download it once, do a local install on laptop or PC. Test it, because not every theme is suitable for every website. You need a lot of experience to choose the right theme.

Which theme is suitable for your WordPress website?

A theme for sales pages needs very good page speed and must be optimized for conversion.

A theme for a niche site – you want to make money through affiliate marketing – needs the option of a product filter. It is practical if you can easily import products (e.g. from Amazon). Product comparisons and tables must be easy to create.

Themes for companies and shops should be kept very clean and simple. That looks serious – especially for company websites. The individual page design and good compatibility for plug-ins are also important.

Themes for blogs must be optimized for conversion. You must be able to determine whether the entire content should be displayed or just an excerpt.

A criterion that your theme must meet in any case: The last update should not be more than three months ago. There are many different technologies involved around your website. Programming languages, browser technologies, different end devices – all are constantly being further developed. Your theme is constantly coming up with new requirements. It must always be kept up to date.

At you can get a lot of information about the themes. You see the ratings, users write comments on the themes. These experiences can be very helpful.

All the themes we present are easy to use, have a clear design and numerous customization options. They are very well programmed, your site works fine. All can be edited with major page builders like Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg or Brizy.

Free WordPress themes for a business website

If you want to build an online shop, you need more than a slim blog theme. Make sure it supports WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the plugin that you can use to build your online shop on WordPress.

Templates are great for beginners. They cover a lot of points that are important. This is practical and saves you a lot of time. The footer e.g. B. (at the bottom of the page) already provides the imprint and data protection declaration. Breadcrumbs (navigation links that appear in a post) are easy to style, as are drop-down menus. In the sidebar (if you write a blog), you can insert individual widgets (latest comments, latest posts, archive…).

You can leave the default settings unchanged, but you can also customize many details: You can set the typography (size, font width or line height), the hover color (how does the link color change when you mouse over it) is adjustable. Likewise background color, text color, link color or the color of the buttons. You can adjust the width of the page or the content, as well as the size of the logo. Icons for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are possible.

That’s all easy peasy lemon squeezy?

No not really. One problem is that you can spend endless amounts of time on details. In e-commerce, a well-designed and professionally designed website is essential for your success. The website is your location, your shop, your shop window, your goods and your service. You will have enough work with your online shop. Describing products, processing orders, sending goods, … This is how you earn your money – not by choosing the right font. A professional can help you in no time.

Another problem is that you start working with a theme. Then you realize that you need the Pro version for important functions. This is annoying when no budget has been planned for it. However, you can extend themes with many functions via plugins.

The SEO of the paid versions is significantly better.

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