Back to go and no end

Back to go and no end

After logging in, you will usually be redirected to the administration area of ​​your blog. However, sometimes users are struggling with the WordPress login redirect issue that keeps bringing them back to the login page. If you got caught too, here are five solutions for this case.

What is the WordPress login redirect problem?

You can recognize this problem by entering your username and password in the login mask as usual and clicking on “Login”. But instead of going to the administration area, you will only be redirected to the login page. If a second login attempt doesn’t help, you’re stuck in the login redirect. It’s a known issue with WordPress, but you can easily fix it. It’s annoying that you don’t see an error message and you have to try which solution actually works.

1. Delete all cookies

The simplest measure is to delete all cookies. In the settings of your browser you will find the option to delete the browser data and to clear the cache. Restart the browser and try logging into your blog. In most cases, this is enough to solve the redirect problem. Occasionally there are still problems and only using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge) solves the problem.

2. Disable all plugins

Sometimes a conflict between two or more plugins causes the login problems. Even without going to the backend, you can deactivate all installed plugins. You can find suitable instructions in our article “Deactivate and reactivate WordPress plugins in an emergency”. If you can then log in successfully, reactivate the plugins one by one to find out which one caused the problems.

3. Renew the page URL

Sometimes the page url is causing the problem and needs to be redefined. You use your FTP access for this solution. Download the wp-config.php file and add these two lines in the editor:


You can find all the essential information about the procedure in our article on wp-config.php. It is important that you Replaced with your blog’s URL. Upload the modified file using the FTP program and try logging into your blog again.

4. Recreate the .htaccess file

In some cases the error is in the .htaccess File. Log in via FTP (everything you need to know about FTP) and make a copy of the file on your computer. Then delete them from your blog’s root directory. If you can now log into the backend, that was the old one .htaccess file the problem. To create a new one, go to settings in the backend, select Permalinks and click Apply Changes.

5. Reset your theme to default

In some cases, an update of WordPress or the theme used causes the redirect problem. Similar to deactivating the plugins, you proceed if you want to deactivate your theme: Log into your FTP server and name it /wp-content/themes/ in /wp-content/themes _backp/ around.

As a result, WordPress cannot find your current theme and will display the default theme. If you were already using a default theme, try this solution anyway. If you are now able to log in, there was a problem with the default theme. In that case, re-download it from and upload it to your website.

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