Are you sure you want to do this ? WP and DomainFactory

Are you a customer of DomainFactory? And you are trying in vain to find a new one WordPress upload theme? If the error message says: Are you sure you want to do this?, then the upload file is larger than 8 MB, which is allowed by default. However, you can change this setting yourself in the DomainFactory customer menu.

Are you sure you want to do this? But it’s also a stupid question and unsuitable as an error message. It would be smarter if the error message read: Upload file too large or upload file larger than allowed. That would be a concrete indication of the real problem.

The maximum size of uploads is limited to 8 MB by default at Domain Factory. However, this can be solved very easily by creating your own php.ini file. You do that in the customer menu.

Determine max. file size for the upload

Go to PHP settings in the DomainFactory customer menu and select the affected domain. If it is a completely new domain, you first select which PHP version you want to work with. I always use the latest STABLE version. And now you can edit the PHP.INI.

For beginners: Actually you don’t change the original php.ini. The changes are written to a new file that is “more important” than the original file. The original php.ini is read first, and the upload size is 8 MB. Then the file you changed will be read, it says upload size 64 MB. And then it stays that way.

Adjustment of php.ini

Click Edit PHP.INI and select Edit existing PHP.INI for PHP… Then scroll down a few lines and find upload_max_filesize.

8M is entered in the corresponding field. Now change this number to 64M. Write it like this, number without space and M = 64M. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click on save. That’s it.

Now you upload the theme again in WordPress (don’t forget, as a .zip file) and hey presto, it’s there and can be activated.

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