Any PC as a Chromebook: ChromeOS Flex is ready

Any PC as a Chromebook: ChromeOS Flex is ready

ChromeOS Flex is released for productive use: The operating system is intended for regular PCs that users want to turn into Chromebooks. Google had already announced the Chrome OS variant in February, in the meantime you can try it out as a test version on any laptop.

According to Google, four points speak in favor of using ChromeOS Flex: The operating system is better protected against malware and ransomware as well as user errors. The standard here is Windows and macOS, which originally ran on the systems. Updates are also installed in the background invisibly for the user and do not interrupt his work.

According to Google, two other arguments weigh more heavily, because on the one hand, devices with ChromeOS Flex can be administered just as easily as Chromebooks – at least with the Enterprise upgrade. Installing the operating system is also simple and is done via a USB stick or directly via the company network.

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In addition, ChromeOS Flex relies on otherwise obsolete laptops – and is therefore more sustainable for the company and the planet. The devices would consume less electricity – Google assumes an average of 19 percent – and reduce electronic waste because they stay in use longer. And that should protect the environment as well as the company’s balance sheet.

With Nordic Choice Hotels, Google also cites a practical example: After a ransomware attack, the hotel chain switched 2,000 computers to ChromeOS Flex in less than 48 hours – and thus made an infrastructure upgrade out of an emergency. It is precisely on such incidents that Google is obviously building, because together with its partner Cameyo they want to help customers in security troubles in the ChromeOS Flex sense.

At the start, Google lists 295 devices as certified – but ChromeOS Flex runs on significantly more computers and the developers explicitly encourage users to try it out. The latter is free and all you need is a USB stick. And the iX test of the operating system that has now been released shows that Google can actually keep the promise of easy installation – but there are other stumbling blocks to consider in practical use.

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