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Can you eat sugar cane with red rot?

Sugar cane is red because in the processof storage, fermentation phenomenon happened or is happening redrot, tip rot disease, and in the process of fermentationand disease will produce a variety of, eat the redsugar cane can produce poisoning symptoms such as dizziness,vomiting, serious damage to health.

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Consequently, can sugar cane go bad?

Store the sugar cane at the bottom of yourrefrigerator for up to two weeks. Raw sugar cane withslightly dark or dry flesh isn't dangerous, but the flavor won't beas good. Freeze the sugar cane tightly wrapped in plasticwrap, or in a sealable plastic bag if storing for longer periods oftime, generally a few months.

One may also ask, is red rot dangerous? Red rot is a degradation process found invegetable-tanned leather. Red rot is caused by prolongedstorage or exposure to high relative humidity, environmentalpollution, and high temperature. In particular, red rotoccurs at pH values of 4.2 to 4.5. The damage caused by redrot is irreversible.

In this manner, why does sugarcane turn red?

Red rot is the most common disease ofsugarcane, caused by the fungus Colletotrichum falcatumWent. It causes severe loss in yield and quality of the susceptiblecultivars in the Indian sub- continent [9,10]. It can reduce caneweight by up to 29% and loss in sugar recovery by 31%[11].

Can you eat sugar cane in Minecraft?

Sugar Cane is a plant block which can beused for a couple of useful recipes. Sugar Cane can be foundnaturally in the world on Dirt, Grass, or Sand blocks that areadjacent to Water. When one pieced is placed on a CraftingTable, Sugar Cane gives Sugar (used to make Cake andin Potions).

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