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Can you eat animals that die of natural causes?

Meat from animals that died from old age and dissease is often contaminated and dangerous to eat. Eating meat from animals that died from things like road accidents would theoretically be possible if it is fresh, but it has other problems, as people already pointed out.

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Hereof, can you eat a poisoned animal?

The reason why you can eat meats of poisoned animals (In cases where the toxin is not protein based or has a high heat-denaturing point) is simple: Acute toxicity occurs when ingestion of the poison approaches or exceeds the ld/50.

Beside above, can you eat old animals? Well good luck in eating it; its meat is going to be tough and stringy and is not going to smell any good. Meat from older animals is often very "gamey", so much so that most people would find it inedible, or at least distasteful.

Similarly, you may ask, can you eat a pig that died of old age?

do not eat the pig if it dies of old age or disease, it has to be a healthy pig of butcher size if you want to enjoy it.

Can I eat my dead chicken?

Eating isn't the only option for a found-dead bird. Especially since she just died and wasn't butchered properly to begin with. The bird would be tough. You could always chop the whole bird into pieces, grill them until well done and feed them to your pet (if you have one).

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