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Can you cut off a Moulded plug?

You can cut off the moulded plug and then fit another plug. The moulded plug will be unusable. Please bend the pins to prevent it being inserted into a socket by children leaving the live wire exposed.

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Likewise, does cutting off a Moulded plug invalidate the warranty?

We can confirm that, providing the plug is replaced with another 13 amp plug and has the correct fuse rating, this will not invalidate the warranty, although please be aware that any potential fault due to the replacement plug would not be covered under your warranty.

Likewise, are Moulded plugs mandatory? Moulded plugs were made mandatory on new apliances after vigorous campaigning by RoSPA & others to ensure that appliances have the correct fuse fitted in the plug at point of sale.

Also to know, can I change a Moulded plug?

To begin you'll want to cut the moulded plug and once it's been cut you need to measure 50 millimetres from the end of the cable. Take your time when cutting the cable as you don't want to damage the wires inside. Always remember you can always cut more, but you can't cut less.

What is a Moulded plug?

Moulded plugs mean they don't have to be opened up to change the fuse and mean less damage can be done to them (eg pulling the wires out). If you really need to thread a flex through a hole you can just cut the plug off and wire on a new one as long as you can do it competently.

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