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Can you buy elderberry plants?

Though most varieties of elderberry are self-fruiting, you can encourage higher yields by planting another cultivar of the same species nearby. York and Adams make excellent companions, and you can purchase bare root plants paired conveniently in the Elderberry Collection that is available from Burpee.

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Moreover, can I buy elderberries?

Fresh, frozen and dried elderberries are hard to find in local markets, but several online vendors sell them. If you're looking for elderberry fruit or elderberry products, rather than plants, try Mountain Rose Herbs ( or Elderberry Life (

One may also ask, what is the best elderberry plant? The best culinary elderberries are selections of Sambucus canadensis. 'Adams' was selected for large berries on a vigorous, productive shrub. 'Johns' is even bigger, producing more fruits and earlier, being especially good for jelly and wine.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how long does it take for elderberry to produce fruit?

Elderberries produce fruit more quickly than other fruit trees -- usually within one or two years of planting. White clusters of flowers emerge in spring to early summer, followed by small green berries.

How do you take elderberry cuttings?

How to Propagate Elderberry Cuttings

  1. You can place the trimming cut side down in a jar filled with water, submerging halfway. Put the jar in a sunny area for six to eight weeks, changing the water every so often.
  2. If using the soil method for rooting your cutting, soak the cuttings in water for 12-24 hours.

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