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Can you apply fungicide and insecticide at the same time?

Tanks mixes can consist of a fungicide and an insecticide to control both a fungus and insects at the same time. Sometimes you may want to mix a pesticide with fertilizer, or mix two herbicides together to increase weed control. However, unless expressly prohibited by a pesticide's label, mixing is legal.

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Similarly, it is asked, can you use fungicide and fertilizer at the same time?

That means you should be able to apply both at the same time with no major problem or consequence. However, if you believe you have overdone the fertilizer applied during the past 2 months, applying the fungicide first and then following up in a 3-5 days with the liquid fertilizer would be the best way to go.

One may also ask, how do you mix pesticides in a tank? Fill spray tank to ½ total volume and begin agitation. Add wettable powders (WP), then dry flowables (DF), then flowables (F) then liquids (L), in this order. You may want to line up the products according to this order to help you stay organized. Allow solution to mix thoroughly after each addition.

Then, should you water lawn after applying fungicide?

Contact fungicide This means they need to be reapplied more often. However, if you water your grass after applying one of these, the fungicide will be washed off the leaves and will no longer provide any protection. This means you should avoid watering your grass after applying a contact fungicide.

What may occur if two incompatible herbicides are mixed together and applied?

The possible effects of mixing incompatible chemicals are many and include: * Reduced effectiveness of one or both compounds * Precipitate in the tank, clogging screens and nozzles in the sprayer * Plant phytotoxicity, stunting or reduced seed germination * Excessive residues * Excessive runoff.

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