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Can you appear in court over the phone?

Counsel should arrange telephone appearances by calling Court Call at (888) 882-6878. You may arrange for a telephone appearance up until the starting time of the scheduled hearing. It is recommended that you contact Court Call not later than 8:30 a.m. the day of the hearing.

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Then, can you have a court hearing over the phone?

In some situations, parties can ask to attend court by phone In Small Claims Court, certain types of hearings can be held by phone: if a party does not live or carry on business within a reasonable distance from the court location, or. if exceptional circumstances exist.

Beside above, what if I can't make it to a court hearing? If you miss a court date and a lawyer or agent does not attend for you, the judge or justice of the peace will likely order a bench warrant for your arrest. If this happens, you will be arrested and held for a bail hearing unless you are able to have the bench warrant cancelled. And the police will not arrest you.

Moreover, how do you get on the phone in court?

IF YOUR REQUEST TO APPEAR BY TELEPHONE IS GRANTED When the Judicial Assistant or Receptionist answers, you must provide your name, case number, and the Judge hearing your case. (You may be put on hold if the Court is running behind schedule, or be asked to call back shortly.)

Can I reschedule a court date?

Reschedule your court date. If you can't be in court on your scheduled court date, contact the duty counsel office well in advance of your court date. They may be able to help reschedule your appearance for an earlier date. You will need to go to the Crown's office and get permission to reschedule the court date.

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