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Can you access Accelerated Reader from home?

Students take Accelerated Reader quizzes at school: on a computer or tablet). Quizzing from home is not permitted. Once in the program, you can view your child's progress toward goals, points, and books read to monitor your child's success.

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People also ask, is there an app for Accelerated Reader?

Learn More about the new Accelerated Reader Student App for Mobile Devices. Now you can take AR quizzes with the AR Student App on Apple's iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® with iOS 4.0 and higher. The AR app is available at no cost in the iTunes Store® and the App StoreSM.

Beside above, how much does Accelerated Reader cost? Cost The school version of Accelerated Reader software can be ordered for $4 a student per year, with a one-time school fee of $1,599.

Then, can my child take AR tests at home?

Although students cannot take Accelerated Reader quizzes for credit at home, Renaissance Learning does offer some select practice quizzes on its website. Students can take quizzes on mobile devices through the official AR app, but this does not allow at-home testing.

How do you get 100 on Accelerated Reader?

Students “earn” points by taking the Reading Practice Quiz for the book they have just read. If a student reads a 10-point book and scores 100 percent on the quiz, he earns 100 percent of the points. If the student scores 90 percent, he earns 90 percent of the points and so on.

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