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Can white soles dye?

Give your shoes a quick (and fun) makeover by dyeing just the soles. A few tips and tricks can help you successfully dye the white -- or light-colored -- rubber soles of any pair of shoes. You can even mix different fabric dyes together to create almost any color you like to match your shoes with your favorite outfit.

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Also know, can I paint white rubber soles?

For example, if your soles are made of rubber, you'd want a primer designed specifically for rubber materials. If desired, you can also just use a white acrylic paint as a primer option. If you're not sure of the material of the sole, check the bottom or inside of the shoe to look for a label.

Likewise, can you dye white rubber soles black? Allow the rubber sole to soak for at least one hour. For dark or bright colors, allow it to soak for two hours. Remove the shoe from the dye, and run it under warm water to remove excess dye. Keep in mind that the dye will not ruin the rubber soles, so you can dye them as many times as needed to get the color you want.

Subsequently, question is, how do you dye white rubber?


  1. Clean your rubber object thoroughly before dyeing it.
  2. Heat enough water for submerging your rubber object.
  3. Add fabric dye to the hot water at the proper ratio.
  4. Soak the rubber object for 1-2 hours.
  5. Boil the water as a faster alternative.
  6. Remove the object from the dye mixture and wash it.

Can you dye white canvas shoes?

If you already have some shoes that you want to dye that is just great. However, if you need to buy some, pick out white canvas shoes. The most important part is that they are white, so that they can be dyed easily. Cotton canvas in particular is a great fabric to dye because it will absorb and hold dye really well.

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