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Can we use import in Nodejs?

Importing CommonJS npm Modules
The import and export keywords are part of the ECMAScript Modules spec, or ESM for short. Most Node. js projects are written using CommonJS, using the require() function to import other files.

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Also question is, can I use import in Nodejs?

You can also use npm package called esm which allows you to use ES6 modules in node. It needs no configuration. With esm you will be able to use export/import in your JS files.

Secondly, how do you use ESM node? There are two ways to enable esm .

  1. Enable esm for packages: Use esm to load the main ES module and export it as CommonJS. index.js. // Set options as a parameter, environment variable, or rc file.
  2. Enable esm for local runs: node -r esm main.js. ?? Omit the filename to enable esm in the REPL.

Regarding this, should I use import or require?

Require Throws error at runtime and Import throws error while parsing. Require is Nonlexical and Import is Lexical. Requires to stay where they have put the file and imports get sorted to the top of the file. Import is always run at the very beginning of the file and can't be run conditionally.

Can I use dynamic import?

The import statement cannot be used in embedded scripts unless such script has a type="module" . There is also a function-like dynamic import() , which does not require scripts of type="module" . Dynamic import is useful in situations where you wish to load a module conditionally, or on-demand.

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