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Can Swans drink milk and leave?

Hamsa - Swan , Ksheera - Milk, and Nyaya - judgement/Justice/method/rules. Its believed that Hamsa (Swans) can separate milk from water and drink only milk. Swan is always associated with glory, purity, affection, love, majesty and divinity. Hindus used everything in nature for the spiritual advancement of man.

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Moreover, do Swans drink milk?

Scientifically, swan is a bird which neither produces milk nor drinks milk. Swan is essentially herbivorous. At best it does extract milk from the stems of water plants and it has filters (lamellae) in its mouth to keep out dirt and mud while doing so.

One may also ask, which bird divides milk water? Hamsa, the swan, is part of the mythical love story of Nala and Damayanti, where it carries the stories, historical information and messages between the two strangers. In Indian mythology, it is said to eat pearls and separate milk from water from a mixture of both.

Beside this, can water and milk be separated?

A mixture of milk and water can be separated by filtration.

Do swans eat pearls?

In the Vedas, swans are said to reside in the summer on Lake Manasarovar and migrate to Indian lakes for the winter. They're believed to possess some powers such as the ability to eat pearls.

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