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Can soda blasting remove powder coating?

The removal of powdercoated paint can be done using a process called soda blasting. The process is environmentally safe and will clean the piece of all contaminants, including powdercoated paint, down to the substrate. There is NO DAMAGE to the piece being cleaned.

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In this way, can you remove powder coating?

There are several ways to remove powder coat. You can remove powder coating with a chemical stripper, media blasting, or a burn-off oven. By far the easiest way to strip powder coat is chemically, and Benco B17 is by far the best powder coat stripper. B17 will remove most powder coatings in less than 20 minutes.

One may also ask, can powder coating be sandblasted off? Powder coating is meant to be very durable, and thus sandblasting can be an aggravating process if your equipment is not up to the task. In these instances other powder coating removal techniques may need to be used, such as a chemical stripping agent or the use of a burn off or hot strip oven.

Also to know, can soda blasting remove paint?

Baking Soda Blasting is a process that can strip almost any surface in an efficient and safe manner. Baking Soda Blasting easily removes paint, coatings, grease, oils, gasket material and surface corrosion from a variety of metals, alloys, plastics, wood, masonary and composites without surface damage or distortion.

How do you clean up after soda blasting?

The correct method of doing this is to blow out any crevices or seams with a good, dry stream of compressed air then using a clean cloth DAMPENED - (not soaked) in a bucket of warm, soapy water, wipe the surface removing the pulverized Baking Soda film, Rinse and wring frequently.

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