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Can snakes come up through toilet?

If even the thought of toilet snakes sends chills down your spine, take heart; while it's certainly possible for a snake to end up in your toilet, it's extraordinarily unlikely. Fortunately, there's no guarantee that this snake traveled through the pipes at all.

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Likewise, how do you keep snakes out of toilets?

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Toilet

  1. Close the toilet lid after use. Some snakes are expert climbers and could enter the bowl if the lid is up.
  2. Confine pet snakes to cages or rooms where they can't escape.
  3. Close the bathroom door.
  4. Use a toilet lock designed to prevent toddlers from opening the lid.

do snakes come up toilets in Florida? Venomous or not, the toilet-snake phobia has been dismissed by most as folk legend, on par with the boogeyman. But toilet snakes are real, even in Florida. Closer to home, in 2005, a Jacksonville woman was sitting on the toilet when an adult-sized water moccasin, hiding in the pipes, emerged to bite her upper thigh.

Likewise, how do snakes go to the toilet?

All snakes have a cloaca. This controls poop, pee, mating, and laying eggs. The more snakes eat, the more often they need to go to the toilet. But because of their diet and the way they digest food, there are some unexpected surprises when a snake goes to the bathroom.

What happens if you flush a snake down the toilet?

Fish/snakes/little critters: Flushing live animals down the toilet is not only inhumane, it is stupid. About those dead animals: there's no way they're going to disintegrate in the toilet water and there's a good chance they'll create a clog.

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