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Can plants take in water without roots?

The primary function of roots in a plant is to provide anchorage and to absorb water and minerals from soil. However in case of some algae, such as the Giant Kelps, The algae or some of the sea weeds, though they fall under the kingdom Plantae, can survive without roots!

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In respect to this, can a plant grow without roots?

Growing plants without roots is a way to develop more houseplants using the ones you already have. It's a simple process with many plants, including ivies and coleus. By taking a plant stem cutting, you can propagate a new plant without using or disturbing the roots of the mother plant.

will all plants root in water? Generally speaking, potting media are not recommended for plant propagation purposes. Many plants will easily root in water. However, the roots that form can be extremely fibrous and stringy. Plants rooted in water often have a difficult time becoming established after they are transplanted to a container.

Subsequently, question is, which water plant has no root?

Bryophytes have no roots, leaves or stems. Moss and liverworts belong to this group. They are flowerless plants that grow in clumps.

What would happen if a plant has no roots?

The primary function of root is Water Absorption. Secondary function is giving mechanical support to plant; an ability to stand erect. If plant has no roots. it will not be able to survive as none of the things will happen properly.

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