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Can pancreatic insufficiency be reversed?

While there's no cure for EPI, it can be managedand controlled by means of pancreatic enzyme replacementtherapy (PERT), which aids digestion. However, it's important tounderstand that as you age, your EPI management and treatment planmay need to be adjusted.

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Herein, is there a cure for pancreatic insufficiency?

While there's no cure for EPI, your doctorwill work with you to find treatments that can ease yoursymptoms and treat any underlying conditions and,ultimately, improve your quality of life.

Also, what are the symptoms of pancreatic insufficiency?

  • Diarrhea. EPI can cause problems with undigested food movingtoo quickly through the digestive tract.
  • Gas and bloating.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Foul-smelling, greasy stools (steatorrhea)
  • Weight loss.

Beside above, can exocrine pancreatic insufficiency disappear?

The pancreas works normally, but because ofinflammation and damage to the intestines, it may not secreteenzymes in the way it should. If you switch to a gluten-freediet, however, EPI resulting from celiac disease usually will goaway. Tumors or cysts.

Why are my pancreatic enzymes low?

A variety of conditions can damage your pancreasand lead to EPI. Some of them, such as pancreatitis,cause EPI by directly damaging the pancreatic cells thatmake digestive enzymes. Inherited conditions such asShwachman-Diamond syndrome and cystic fibrosis can also cause EPI,as can pancreatic or stomach surgery.

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