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Can local honey make allergies worse?

It's rare, but eating unprocessed honey can causea serious allergic reaction. You might have itching, hives,or swelling of your mouth, throat, or skin. The culprit: pollen orbee parts in the unprocessed honey.

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Also know, can eating local honey make allergies worse?

But while allergy shots have been proven to beeffective, honey hasn't. When a person eats localhoney, they are thought to be ingesting local pollen.Over time, a person may become less sensitive to this pollen. As aresult, they may experience fewer seasonal allergysymptoms.

Also, does raw honey have pollen? Raw or Processed We often see or hear claims that raw honey ismore nutritious or better for you, primarily because rawhoney may contain small amounts of pollen grainsthat are often removed during processing or filtering. Honeyis produced by honeybees from the nectar of plants, notpollen.

Similarly, is local honey good for allergies?

Honey has been studied as a cough suppressant andmay have anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, some experts pointout that honey can contain traces of flower pollen —an allergen. And one treatment for allergies is repeatedexposure to small amounts of allergens.

What is local honey good for?

The Health Benefits Local bees make local honey, which meansthe pollen they collect and bring back to the hive is all sourcedfrom local plants. The purer the honey, the strongerits medicinal benefits, like potential anti-inflammatory andanti-bacterial properties.

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