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Can lime plaster be applied to plasterboard?

General: Lime plaster on plasterboard
Also works on any wall surface that you want to skim as part of a renovation. Mix 1 part NHL3 lime with 1 part sand and mix together using the same PVA/water mix used for the primer. Use a fine, nice colored sand as it is this which will determine the final color of the plaster.

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Similarly, it is asked, should I use lime plaster?

Yes lime plaster can be used on the interior walls, it's more expensive than conventional plaster and yes you would probably be charged more as it takes longer to set and needs more attention initially. An experienced plasterer will have at some point in their life laid on lime.

Beside above, why is lime plaster no longer commonly used? Lime plaster is permeable and allows for the diffusion and evaporation of moisture. Lime Plaster has a high pH which acts as a fungicide; meaning mold will not grow in lime plaster. Plaster made from lime is less brittle and less prone to cracking than cement plaster and requires no expansion joints.

Also Know, can you apply gypsum plaster over lime plaster?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Plasterers lime plaster allows the building to breathe , gypsum plaster does not. the biggest issue with lime plaster will be getting someone who can use it properly. having it skimmed relies on the plaster underneath being sound if the plaster beneath is blown skimming it will not work.

How do I get a smooth finish on lime plaster?

It can be achieved in a couple of ways. 1. When the lime plaster is still slightly pliable push in a top coat of lime putty. This is incredibly fine and will be a really smooth finish.

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