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Can LED strip lights be dimmed?

LED strip lights are dimmable only if wired to a suitable dimmable transformer or controller. If you dim LED strips that have been wired to a non-dimmable transformer, you'll damage the transformer. For the different ways you can dim your LED tape, see the notes above.

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Also, how do you dim 12v LED Strip Lights?

Simply connect the two output wires from the power supply to the dimmer unit, and then the two input wires from the LED strip. The dimmer simply acts like a valve, and the power supply unit will automatically provide the rated current and voltage to depending on the dimmer's knob position.

Subsequently, question is, can 12v LEDs be dimmed? If you are using 12v LED spotlights, such as MR16s or G4s, you will need a dimmable transformer. An LED dimmable transformer allows dimming of constant voltage LED products, and works with most standard dimmer switches, so you might not need to replace your existing dimmer switch.

Consequently, can you dim LED light bars?

LEDs do not dim. They're on or off. Originally that was the case, but there are now LEDs that dim.

How do you dull down LED lights?

Lay a strip of electrical tape down a sheet of wax paper, punch your way right down the strip, and you'll have dozens of little LED-blocking-black dots. While making your own is hardly arduous, the easiest and most versatile solution is to simply purchase a commercial sticker set.

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