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Can I use tapioca flour instead of almond flour?

It may not be nutritious, but it is a good binding agent. You can use 1 cup of tapioca flour (heaped) and one cup of coconut flour (slightly scant) in place of 2 cups of almond flour or wheat flour in a recipe. If you are replacing almond flour with a gluten-free flour, it won't always be a cup-for-cup replacement.

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Also, can I use tapioca flour instead of all purpose flour?

Usually tapioca flour can be subbed in a 1:1 ratio for wheat flour. For example, to substitute tapioca flour (or starch) for wheat/all-purpose flour in recipes, start by using about 1 tablespoon–1.5 tablespoons of tapioca for every tablespoon wheat flour in the original recipe.

Also, can you use all purpose flour instead of almond flour in macarons? Almond flour is one of the main ingredients in macarons. Anytime you read a macaron recipe, you will see that almond flour or almond meal will be required. The two are commonly used interchangeably. For making macarons, you always want to use blanched almond flour.

Likewise, what can I use in place of tapioca flour?

Here are 6 of the best substitutes for tapioca flour.

  1. Cornstarch. Cornstarch makes a great replacement for tapioca flour and is easily accessible.
  2. Cassava flour.
  3. Potato starch.
  4. All-purpose flour.
  5. Arrowroot.
  6. Rice flour.

Can you use coconut flour in place of almond flour?

Coconut flour also can be used as a substitute for almond flour in a recipe. Coconut flour can replace almond or wheat flours in any recipe. You will also need to add 1 egg for every 1/4 cup of coconut flour used in addition to the eggs called for in the original recipe.

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