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Can I use Prestone coolant in my Ford?

You will not have any issues by using Prestone Extended Life Antifreeze/coolant in your vehicle. It is designed to be used in any make or model vehicle and will give you proper protection when a complete flush and fill is completed.

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Similarly, can Prestone be mixed with other coolant?

Mixing coolants which aren't compatible, or using the wrong one for your car, can cause clogging and damage. Prestone is guaranteed for all cars and can be mixed with any other colour of coolant/antifreeze, making it the best choice for you.

what coolant does Ford use? Motorcraft® Antifreeze/Coolant - Now Conveniently PREDILUTED Motorcraft® Premium, Gold and Orange Antifreeze/Coolants are now available pre- mixed 50/50 with deionized water. The 50/50 mixture helps ensure vehicles get optimal corrosion, freeze and overheat protection and minimizes possible mix errors by technicians.

Just so, can I use Prestone coolant in my Ford Escape?

UPDATE: Just talked to a Ford technician at the Ford dealership and he confirmed that orange Prestone Dex-Cool works fine in the Escape. You should never ever mix GM Dexcool with anything else.

Is it OK to use universal antifreeze?

Even so, universal coolants are formulated to mix with virtually any coolant. The makers of these product say their antifreeze can be safely used in any year, make or model of vehicle.

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