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Can I use my Hawaiian miles on other airlines?

That's right, you can use your HawaiianMiles for flight awards on other airlines. Simply call HawaiianMiles Service Center. As with most airlines, the best mileage redemption opportunities are found on flights within your own program's network (for example redeeming HawaiianMiles for flights on Hawaiian Airlines).

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Regarding this, what airline is Hawaiian Airlines partners with?

Hawaiian Airlines' Codeshare Partners: China Airlines (CI) Japan Airlines (JL) JetBlue Airways (B6) Korean Air (KE)

Additionally, how do I use my Hawaiian miles to book a flight? For a flight award, you can sign in to your HawaiianMiles account and click on the "Book Award Travel" button or sign in from our flight selection page and then select "Miles" for display.

In this regard, what can you do with Hawaiian Miles?

Use your miles to book a Main Cabin or First/International Business Class seat for travel between Hawaii, North America and International destinations on Hawaiian Airlines with no blackout dates. Your miles can also be used to upgrade to First/International Business Class.

Do Hawaiian airline miles expire?

Yes, HawaiianMiles expire if you have had no activity on your account in the last 18 months. Per Hawaiian Airlines: Earned mileage will expire when a member does not earn or redeem miles for 18 consecutive months from the last date of member activity.

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