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Can I use bleach in my dishwater?

Add just a small amount of bleach to your dishwater. It's a great germ killer and it helps remove stubborn stains from your Tupperware and the like. Removes stains from your hands too if you're a gardener.

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Herein, is it safe to put bleach in dishwater?

For those people, adding bleach would be most important and effective when rinsing their dishes and glassware. There is no reason to add bleach to such supplies. The problem with adding bleach to dishwater is first that the amount of oxidizable matter from the residual foodstuffs is very high.

Similarly, what happens when you mix bleach and dish soap? Mixing ammonia and bleach together results in toxic fumes that are very dangerous and cause extreme irritation to the eyes and lungs and can even result in death. In fact this is the same chemical reaction that's used to create Mustard Gas used in chemical warfare.

Beside above, can I put bleach in my dishwasher with dishes?

Fill the dishwasher detergent receptacle with Clorox powdered bleach. Run the dishwasher as you normally would, minus the dishes. Once the dishwasher has gone through all of the cycles, it should be clean and ready for normal use.

What should you not use bleach on?

Unless you find a bleach-based cleanser specifically indicated for metals (which means the bleach has been passivated) avoid using it on metal surfaces like stainless steel appliances, pots and pans, and cutlery.

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