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Can I use a Visa gift card on Barnes and Noble?

We also accept Visa, American Express, and MasterCard Gift Cards, however these payment cards cannot be used in combination with any other form of payment except for a Barnes & Noble Gift Card or eGift Card. You may not use a Barnes & Noble Gift Card/eGift Card to purchase other Barnes & Noble Gift Cards/eGift Cards.

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Similarly, can you use a gift card online at Barnes and Noble?

Barnes & Noble Gift Cards can be purchased in any Barnes & Noble store or online and are redeemable both in stores, online at, or on websites operated by Barnes & Noble. A personalized message will accompany each card purchased online.

Also, where else can I use a Barnes and Noble gift card? You can use your gift card at any Barnes & Noble store nationwide and online at It can also be used at any Barnes & Noble College, Bookstar or B.

Considering this, how do I pay with a gift card on Barnes and Noble?

Applying Gift Cards During Checkout

  1. Add items to your Shopping Bag and proceed to Checkout.
  2. Click the "Add/Edit" link in the Memberships, Gift Cards & Coupons area below the item details.
  3. Type your Gift Card Number and PIN in the appropriate fields, then click "Apply".
  4. Click the "Submit Order button" to complete your order.

Can you use a Barnes and Noble gift card on Amazon?

Umm, no. You'll need to find something at Barnes and Noble to spend the gift card on, including Cafe purchases. Or give it away, if you cannot find anything to buy.

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