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Can I take my dog tubing?

Dogs should have their own tube / raft unless they are small enough to sit on top of you or fit in your raft. It's a good idea to have a safety jacket, harness or life jacket on your dog even if they are a good swimmer. The jacket may end up saving his life and make it easier for you to grab hold of your dog.

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Herein, are dogs allowed at Salt River Tubing?

Yes, dogs are allowed.

Likewise, is it safe to tube the Chattahoochee? The Chattahoochee is rockier and shallower in north Georgia. This will help you navigate if you get stuck while tubing. Water shoes. Because of the rockier waters in Helen, water shoes are recommended to keep your feet safe while tubing.

Consequently, can dogs go tubing in Helen?

Absolutely, dogs are welcome to tube. Check out our Pooch on the 'Hooch photo album.

What can you bring into Salt River Tubing?

Glass containers are NOT allowed at Salt River Tubing or the Lower Salt River Recreational Area. Drink plenty of water while tubing. Drink at least one to two bottles of water per hour while floating to help prevent dehydration.

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