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Can I substitute marshmallows for marshmallow creme in fudge?

Comes out great everytime. Marshmallow cream is a whipped, spreadable version of puffy marshmallows used in making fudge, frostings and other confections. Substitutions: For 1 cup marshmallow cream heat 16 large or 160 miniature marshmallows + 2 tsp corn syrup in the top of a double boiler.

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Also asked, can you use marshmallows instead of marshmallow cream?

Yes. According to Kraft-General Foods Inc., a 7-ounce jar of marshmallow creme may be used in place of 4 cups of miniature marshmallows or 40 large marshmallows when making Rice Krispies treats.

Additionally, is Marshmallow Fluff the same as marshmallow creme? Marshmallow creme (also called marshmallow fluff, marshmallow stuff, marshmallow spread, or marshmallow paste) is a marshmallow confectionery spread similar in flavor, but not texture, to regular solid marshmallow.

Likewise, people ask, what can I use instead of marshmallow cream?

As a substitute for 1 cup marshmallow creme: Heat 16 large or 160 miniature marshmallows + 2 teaspoons of corn syrup in the top of a double boiler and stir until the mixture is smooth.

How many mini marshmallows equal a large marshmallow?

Ten large marshmallows = 1 cup mini marshmallows.

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