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Can I self study prince2?

Candidates are able to self-study (i.e. take the examination directly from AXELOS' Examination Institute (PeopleCert)) without attending an accredited training course) for all of the PRINCE2 certifications, athough we would strongly recommend that you take accredited training before taking a PRINCE2 exam.

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Thereof, is prince2 easy to pass?

PRINCE 2 Foundation is an easy exam and can take 2-3 weeks of preparation to pass. However, PRINCE 2 Practitioner is a bit difficult and it takes an average of 3 months for preparation. Here is some of the useful resources for preparing Prince2 certification exam. Prince2 is only the alternative.

Also Know, what is the pass rate for prince2 practitioner? 55%

Then, how many hours study for prince2 Foundation?

20 hours

How do I study for prince2 Foundation?

10 Tips to Score Highest In Your Prince2 Foundation Exam

  1. The Foundation exam facts.
  2. Set up your schedule.
  3. The pre-course books are important.
  4. Master the PRINCE2 Manual.
  5. Practice exam questions.
  6. You should also think outside the course box.
  7. Do not panic during the exam.
  8. Get plenty of rest the day before.

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