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Can I plant moss instead of grass?

Moss is nature's natural carpet and in the right combination of conditions, forms a nice moss lawn alternative to standard turf. In order to have moss lawns instead of grass, it is necessary to meet a few conditions. Moss requires an acidic environment, compact soil, protected sun to semi-shade and consistent moisture.

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Correspondingly, is Moss a type of grass?

Moss is a small green plant with finely branched stems and tiny leaves. It produces spores that are spread by the wind. You can plant more shade-tolerant grasses, like St. Augustinegrass, but keep in mind that a deeply shaded area (less than 4 hours of full sun per day) is too shady for any type of grass to grow.

Furthermore, is Moss Good or bad? There are good mosses and bad mosses. The bad moss is one that is dense and covers the top of a potted plant restricting any water from entering, especially if it gets quite dry as it is then rather hard to re-wet. When the Sphagnum moss dries out it is very hard to re-wet so the plant roots die, and the plant dies.

Hereof, can you grow moss?

In certain climates, moss pops up on its own, usually on pavers and in bare spots of the lawn. However, if you love the look of moss, you can cultivate it to grow in your garden as a bed, on edging, and on rock walls. Moss can give any garden an aged look. Moss prefers moisture, shade, and generally acidic soil.

How fast does moss spread?

When moss is grown properly, you will see it begin to thrive and grow on its own within six weeks. Some moss varieties can take longer to fully flourish – even up to two years. However, you will see a healthy moss begin to prosper within this six week period.

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