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Can I plant around a utility pole?

As a homeowner, you may be asking yourself what you can plant around power lines. Anything that reaches a max height of 15 feet is considered safe. Anything taller than that should not be planted under a power line. This generally means trees are a no-go, but shrubs and grasses are fine.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how close to a utility pole can you build a fence?

When erecting a fence near a power line, please follow these guidelines: Do not attach fencing posts to power poles. Retain a minimum distance of 10 feet from all poles or underground transformer boxes.

Beside above, can you paint a utility pole? Painting. Depending on the composition--wood or metal--of the electrical pole you want to hide, your local home improvement or paint store should have an outdoor paint you can use. For obvious safety reasons, do not paint poles that have exposed live wires.

People also ask, how can I hide my utility pole?

Disguising a Utility Pole. Utility poles on your property can be unsightly. If it is legal you can use tall plantings and other garden options such as a trellis to hide the pole.

How can I hide my guy wires?

  1. Hide the guy wire by planting attractive perennials the draw your eye away from the unsightly areas.
  2. Sew together lengths of ripstop nylon to create a large sheet of fabric.
  3. Remove the eye from unsightly guy wires by making them a part of the utilitarian portion of your yard.
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