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Can I install a used catalytic converter in California?

CARB adopted revised regulations and evaluation procedures in October 2007 for the approval of new aftermarket catalytic converters sold in California. This means that no used converter can be legally advertised for sale, sold, or installed in California after this date.

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Thereof, can I install my own catalytic converter in California?

The installer has confirmed the need for a replacement catalytic converter. If the OEM converter is still present, a diagnosis that it is malfunctioning is required. The vehicle is specifically included in the application list for the catalytic converter and the converter is legal for use in California.

Also, why are catalytic converters illegal in California? apparently california law has changed and now my once legal catalytic converter is now outlawed because it doesn't have an "OBD-II" mark on it. Therefore some catalytic converters which would have passed smog will no longer pass the visual inspection.

Keeping this in consideration, is it legal to install a used catalytic converter?

It's not illegal per se, but there are requirements for what kind of used converters you can use. EPA considers it a violation of the policy to install a used converter from a salvage yard or sell it for reuse unless it has been properly tested and labeled.

How much is a catalytic converter in California?

More Vehicle Specific Estimates & Costs

Type of Catalytic Converter Price as of 05/2017 OEM Numbers
BAP California Legal Direct Fit Catalytic Converter $335.95 840301
Magnaflow 49 State Legal Direct Fit Catalytic Converter $388.54 93200, 18318
BAP 49 State Legal Direct Fit Catalytic Converter $320.95

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