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Can I cover a chocolate cake with white fondant?

Covering A Chocolate Cake In White Fondant. I use a crust coat of white buttercream and to make sure the dark color doesn't show through I roll the fondant to no less than 1/3" thickness. If you want the fondant to have a chocolate flavor then use the LorAnn chocolate flavored oil.

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Also to know is, can you put white fondant over chocolate frosting?

? Yes, make your fondant no less than 1/8"thick. It will be fine. Yes, make your fondant no less than 1/8"thick. As long as your fondant isn't too thin you will be fine.

Secondly, can I put fondant on a cold cake? the only issue with covering a cold cake is that the fondant can sweat, it can get a little sticky, this isnt a problem if you leave the cake alone once its iced, the sweat will evaporate and youll have a lovely cake, but you need to work quickly while covering the cake with the fondant. Yes, absolutely!!!

Regarding this, can you put fondant on a box cake?

Although there is no special cake mix created specifically for fondant covering, most cake mixes can be adapted to work with fondant. Firm cakes work best to support a heavy fondant and are easier to slice.

How do you attach fondant to chocolate?

Use prepared royal icing or make your own by mixing water, meringue powder and confectioner's sugar. Put the icing in a piping bag and squeeze out a small amount onto the back or bottom of your modeling chocolate decoration. Gently press it onto the fondant surface using a flat hand or a fondant smoothing paddle.

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