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Can hot pepper kill you?

Even though you may feel like you're dying, hot peppers won't kill you or cause any lasting damage to the body.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, can hot peppers hurt you?

And hot-hunters are safe in the knowledge that although capsaicin, the spicy molecule in hot peppers, is activating receptors in pain neurons in their mouths, it's not really causing any damage. And while everyday amounts of spicy food are unlikely to do any harm, thrill-seekers have had some disconcerting experiences.

Similarly, has anyone ever died from eating hot peppers? Confirmed peppers are fatal. Must be why they call them fatali The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) documented 27 people in police custody who died after exposure to pepper spray in California since 1993. "Theoretically, one could eat enough really hot chiles to kill you," he says.

Herein, can you die from eating a ghost pepper?

When you bite into a ghost pepper, your mouth feels heat in the most extreme way. Yes, you could die from ingesting ghost peppers. In fact, researchers have determined a 150-pound person would need to eat 3 pounds of dried and powdered capsaicin-rich peppers like the ghost pepper to die.

Can a Carolina Reaper kill you?

No, eating Carolina Reapers or other superhot chili peppers will not kill you. However, it is possible to overdose on capsaicin, the chemical that makes chili peppers hot. One would need to eat more than 3 pounds of reapers to achieve this.

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