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Can gutters and downspouts be different colors?

Matching gutter/downspout color to siding color is a safe choice. When gutters match siding, they have the greatest chance of going unnoticed. And contrary to popular belief, gutters can be painted when done properly. Matching gutters/downspouts to trim color is not the same as showing them off.

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Accordingly, what color should gutters and downspouts be?

Red-colored gutters typically work with brick exteriors and red-tiled roofing. For a more earthy tone, brown and beige colors work extremely well. These neutral tones match any roof, and are often paired with rustic architecture. Light gray gutters complement homes fashioned in the style of Cape Cod architecture.

One may also ask, do gutters come in colors? The gutters and downspout are available in a number of different colors. Sectional aluminum and steel gutter come in more than 25 different colors – ideal for matching the trim and house colors. Gutter colors are baked on at the factory. These coating generally provide stain resistance, making gutters easy to maintain.

Similarly one may ask, should gutters be same color as house?

You're generally left with three options for color: same as your siding, same as your trim, or same as your roof. Matching gutter color to siding color is usually the safest choice. When gutters match siding, they have the greatest chance of going unnoticed.

What should your gutters match?

Gutters almost always run in front of siding, which means they have the best chance of going unnoticed if they are a similar color. Matching your gutters with your trim is also an ideal choice if you have brick or stone siding, as it will be almost impossible to find a gutter color that matches perfectly.

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