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Can crocosmia be moved?

Generally it is recommended that you move or thin out montbretia corms (and other forms of crocosmia) in April if it is necessary, but it sounds as though you want to get on with things.

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Similarly one may ask, how do you dig up Crocosmia?

When the new shoots of a large clump of crocosmia begins to emerge in the spring, they can be dug up, again at least 12 inches, and divided vertically through the root ball with a sharp spade. Each clump should have multiple shoots as the plant looks best in a grouping.

Also, how do you divide and replant crocosmia? Crocosmia and Dierama

  1. Divide Crocosmia and Dierama in spring.
  2. To remove the corms without damage, dig down 30cm (1ft) to avoid and gently lift.
  3. The roots of both perennials form 'chains' of corms, which can be replanted intact or individually separated.
  4. Discard wizened or diseased corms and trim old leaves.

Likewise, can I transplant crocosmia in the fall?

Transplant during the dormant season, late fall through early spring. In early spring, wait until the first young green shoots appear in the spring to see where new growth is occurring.

When can you separate Crocosmia?

Cut back the foliage almost to ground level when the leaves wither and die back. Propagate by division in spring just before growth starts. Crocosmia should only be divided every 3-4 years (in late summer or early fall), to restore vigor and increase flower production.

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