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Can CPT code 29806 and 29827 be billed together?

As per CCI edits, there is no guidelines which says 29806 and 29827 cannot billed together. There are some payers who deny 29806/29827 combination just because of same anatomical location and structure.

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In this regard, can CPT codes 29822 and 29824 be billed together?

For example, while CPT 29822 normally bundles into CPT code 29824 (Arthroscopic, shoulder, surgical, distal claviculectomy), both may be reported if the limited debridement is performed on other areas of the shoulder unrelated to the area/work performed to complete the arthroscopic, distal claviculectomy.

Subsequently, question is, what is procedure code 29806? CPT code 29806 - Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; capsulorrhaphy. When this code was added, it became the parent code in the shoulder scope section per CPT guidelines–regarding intended procedures.

Also to know is, can CPT codes 29806 and 29807 be billed together?

You can report two CPT codes29806 and 29807 — only if the SLAP lesion repair is Type 2 or Type 4, according to the AAOS Global [Service Data guidelines]. That is, you must have two separate problems: a capsular defect, not caused by SLAP, and a SLAP tear.

What is the difference between CPT 29806 and 29807?

Thanks. CPT code 29806 - Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; capsulorrhaphy. CPT code 29807 - Arthroscopy, surgical; repair of a superior labrum anterior/posterior (SLAP) lesion. The superior labrum is completely torn off the glenoid, due to an injury (often a shoulder dislocation).

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