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Can attic insulation mold?

Technically, mold does not typically grow on the insulation itself. Fiberglass is not a viable food source for mold. Yet mold growth is often found on the top surface of attic insulation.

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Beside this, is mold in attic common?

Attic Mold is Common, and Doesn't Have to Cost You Thousands Attic mold is caused by moisture issues. If your attic is well ventilated and has no moisture intrusion, you won't have attic mold to deal with.

One may also ask, can black mold grow on insulation? Fiberglass does not support mold growth, but it gets dirty, and the dirt grows mold, and it is often paper faced and this paper grows mold. You need less water to cause a mold problem in a fiberglass insulated wall than you do in a cellulose insulated wall because of this concentration effect.

Regarding this, is mold in the attic a deal breaker?

The short answer is No. The long answer is is can be with prolonged exposure. However, we have very little science to prove that mold exposure in buildings can affect human health and a great deal of evidence to suggest it can't. If we look at mold in our attic spaces it is not likely an indoor air quality issue.

Is black mold in the attic dangerous?

The short answer is that yes, mold in your attic or anywhere else in your home for that matter is dangerous. Even if you don't notice any serious health effects, they can occur later if the mold remains and in some cases, these effects can be severe.

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