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Can Alexa communicate with another Alexa?

You can call family, friends, and othercontacts who have an Echo or the Alexa app.Alexa isn't the only one you can talk to on yourEcho. You can also use an intercom-like featurecalled Drop In to call someone else's Echo device directly,either in your own home or another household.

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Beside this, can one Alexa talk to another Alexa?

The new feature is rolling out over thenext few days, and will be available for theEcho, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. With theintercom features, users will be able to single out aspecific Echo device and communicate with itdirectly.

Likewise, how do you communicate with Alexas? Open the Alexa app and open the Conversationstab. Tap the contact icon in the top right (the icon shapedlike a person). Select a name from the list of contacts. Tapthe toggle beside Contact can Drop In anytime.

Also to know, can Alexa work as an intercom?

You can use Alexa devices as anintercom, which can broadcast your message to one orall of the Alexa speakers in your house. There are two waysto do this. If you want to communicate with just one speaker,you'll want to use a feature called Drop In.

Can you eavesdrop with Alexa?

Amazon has confirmed that employees sometimeseavesdrop on people as they interact with its Alexadigital assistant — but there's a way to block them fromlistening in. The company employs “thousands of people aroundthe world” to listen to people talk to Alexa via Echospeakers, Bloomberg reports.

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