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Can a fern live outside?

Ferns grown in containers outdoors may survive the winter in very cold climates if you bring them indoors. Most ferns like moisture, but not when water is sitting in the pot's saucer. Water regularly, and don't let the soil dry out completely.

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Also to know is, how do you keep ferns alive outside?

To care for Boston ferns, keep them outdoors if you live in a warm, humid climate, or keep them indoors if you live in a cooler climate. If you keep your ferns indoors, place a humidifier near them so they don't dry out. Water your ferns regularly so that their soil is always moist but not damp.

Also, when should I put ferns outside? Boston fern can be grown outdoors in zones 8b through 11, sword brake in zone 10 and staghorn fern in zones 9 through 11. Though it is a good idea to let indoor ferns spend some time outdoors on patios and balconies, they must be brought back inside when overnight temperatures dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Similarly, what temperature can ferns survive?

Temperature: These ferns can survive the occasional blast of cold, down to 50 F or even slightly colder for a few hours. However, they really thrive between 60 and 75 F.

Can ferns survive the winter?

Deciduous ferns do not stay green in the winter. However, if you have chosen ferns suited to your zone, they will still survive the winter just fine. When fronds start dying back in the fall, cut them back. Ferns can be kept warm with a mulch covering for the winter months.

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