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Can a bathroom exhaust fan be mounted on the wall?

Installing a Bathroom Vent Fan Through aWall. Hi Barb, Wall mounted vent fans are available,though they're not as common as ceiling mounted models andmay be more difficult to install, especially if you have a brickveneer house. To remove excess moisture from your bathroom,the fan needs to vent outside.

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Likewise, can you mount a bathroom fan on the wall?

In my experience, most decent exhaust fans aredual rated, ceiling or wall. If your fan isdescribed as a ceiling mount only, it is probablyone of many inexpensive units that use plastic bushingsinstead of sealed bearings. The easy answer is to simply spend 50or 60 bucks and buy a new fan rated for wallmounting.

Furthermore, how far should bathroom fan be from shower? Re: Bathroom Exhaust Fan And MinimumDistance From Shower It basically states that no light fixture other than arecessed-type can be mounted within' 3' of the edge of the basin(tub) unless it's 8' high or greater. Most exhaust fans arerated for damp locations so you should befine.

Additionally, where should exhaust fan be located in bathroom?

Typically a bathroom exhaust fan should bemounted as close to or inside (if rated for tub shower use)to the shower or tub as possible. This will maximize theeffectiveness of the unit. Units located in a powder room,should be directly over the toilet.

Can you use a ceiling exhaust fan in a wall?

A wall exhaust fan is particularly useful wherethere is limited ceiling / roof space. Typically a wallfan will consist of the motor component (inside) with ductingor tubing leading to an external vent. There are a fewthings to consider when installing a wall mounted exhaustfan.

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