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At what age can you stop using baby detergent?

If that doesn't work, double-rinsing clothing or using baby laundry soap until your baby is at least 1 year old may help.

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Also know, when can I stop using baby dish soap?

In fact, your child's better off using baby or children's soap or mild moisturizing soap until puberty, especially if he has sensitive skin. Remember, most pediatricians say you don't need to wash your baby daily -- only about three times a week until he turns 1.

Similarly, do I have to use baby detergent? Just Wash 'Em - Regular Laundry Detergent So long as your baby doesn't have any skin sensitivities or allergies to the scent, you don't have to buy a special detergent just for baby laundry. Some regular detergents may not remove those stains in the normal wash cycle.

Just so, can I use normal detergent for baby clothes?

Yes you can use regular detergent to wash your baby's clothes. If you decide to try regular detergent, choose a liquid — they tend to rinse out more thoroughly, especially if you have "hard" water. Powders have a tendency to leave flakes on fabric that can irritate you baby's skin.

How long do you have to use Dreft for babies?

Some stains came out with just a regular cycle through the washer. Others needed to be pretreated by rubbing a bit of Dreft detergent directly into the stain and allowing it to work for ten minutes or so before washing.

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