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Are vasectomy clips MRI safe?

The 6 Clip Cartridge Closure System used in Vasectomy
Many vasectomists prefer to occlude with surgical clips because they are both easy to use and typically faster than sutures. Titanium clips, in particular, are preferred because they are MRI and metal detector proof.

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Keeping this in consideration, can you feel clips after vasectomy?

The clips stay in place, but usually can't be felt and won't set off airport metal detec- tors. Some men feel a slight tugging sensation during the procedure, but there is usually little discomfort or bleeding.

Furthermore, can MRI damage eyes? “The risk with metal in the MRI is that it can heat up and cause burns or it can migrate or move around. Metal splinters or shavings in the eye aren't the only risk. Bullets or shrapnel, medically implanted metal, even some types of tattoos or permanent eye makeup can react to the strong magnetic field inside the MRI.

Thereof, are Ligaclips MRI compatible?

We have compiled a table listing the most commonly used surgical clips and staples and their MRI safety compatibility (Table 2).


Surgical clip MRI safety
Ethicon Ligaclip Extra 100, 200, 300, 400 Safe
Ethicon Ligaclip 316L SS Safe
Ethicon MCM 20 Safe
Ethicon MCS 20 Safe

Are vasectomy clips metal?

Vasectomy without metal clips. There have been many different methods that have been used to occlude the vas deferens during vasectomy to try to make it as effective as a permanent sterilization as possible. At Austin Center for Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal, metal clips are not used during vasectomy.

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