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Are there male and female pumpkin flowers?

Pumpkins have separate male and female flowers, with the male flowers appearing first. One or two weeks after they appear, female flowers form and begin to open. Pollen from the male flowers has get to the stigma of the female flowers to set fruit.

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Considering this, why do I only have male flowers on my pumpkin?

Male flowers appear first, so if you see the pumpkin vine flowering but no fruit and it's early in the season, don't panic. Also, too much nitrogen in the soil can result in the production of primarily male pumpkin vine flowering or even lush, healthy pumpkin vines but no flowers or pumpkins.

Furthermore, what does a male pumpkin flower look like? Male Flowers (above) are on an erect stem that is fairly thin, and shoots up several inches above the vine. The center stamen contains the pollen. In the center of the pumpkin flower, is a multi segmented stigma. This stigma must be pollinated in order for the fruit to develop.

One may also ask, does the pumpkin come from the flower?

Only the female flowers produce fruit. You can tell difference between two by looking just below the bloom -- female flowers have a bulge, which is the ovary that develops into a pumpkin when pollinated.

Should I remove pumpkin flowers?

Male flowers will be on long, thin stalks. Female flowers will grow on shorter stalks with a very small bulb at their base; that is the baby pumpkin in the making. You really only need to remove the female flowers to prevent additional pumpkins. Don't act too quickly, though.

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