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Are there LED lights to replace fluorescent tubes?

Yes, you can replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes or LED integrated fixtures. As long as the bulb is compatible with the existing fluorescent ballast in the fixture, you simply remove the fluorescent and replace it with the LED tube light.

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Correspondingly, do you need a new ballast for LED tube lights?

Unlike fluorescent tubes, LEDs don't require a ballast to regulate current. When using direct fit LEDs, the ballast is still using energy and eating into your possible energy savings. With a ballast bypass, you are only paying for the energy the LED lights use, which is up to 70% less than traditional bulbs!

Similarly, how do you know when a fluorescent ballast is bad? If your fluorescent lighting is displaying any of the signs below, it could be a symptom of a bad ballast:

  1. Flickering.
  2. Buzzing.
  3. Delayed start.
  4. Low output.
  5. Inconsistent lighting levels.
  6. Switch to an electronic ballast, keep lamp.
  7. Switch to an electronic ballast, switch to a T8 fluorescent.

Besides, do I need to remove the ballast to use an LED bulb?

LED technology does not require a ballast to regulate the amount of energy flowing to the lights. Additionally, removing the ballast will reduce energy usage and result in even great cost-savings as ballasts continue to draw more power than necessary.

Will LED tubes work in fluorescent fixtures?

Many LED tubes are "plug and play", meaning you can just install them like you would a fluorescent bulb. For this to be true, look for bulbs that are "ballast-compatible" meaning that they can use the ballast already installed in your fluorescent fixture to power the LEDs.

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